How to Use Talavera Pots in Multi Purposes

In all forms of home décor, Talavera pots excel most of the others in their vibrant beauty. Traditionally, a mere clay pot is meant for some common purposes such as cooking or storing water. But Mexican Talavera pots have already exceeded those traditional boundaries. So, modern day, they are meant to use as kitchenware, dinnerware, serving bowls at the dining table, salad bowls or as planter pots to use in the garden. Also, they’re kept as decorative items in the living room. In short, the wondrous attraction of Talavera pottery has spread everywhere. It has taken such a revolutionary move and become the latest trend in the field of home decor. The creativity of the skilled Mexicans has raised Talavera pots up to such a grand position.

sunflower ceramic talavera mexican potMexican pottery has lots of foreign influence in their shapes, designs and the way how they’re created. Asian, Arabic and Spanish touches have given every piece an extraordinary valuable look. The brilliant colors artists use to paint them fill up every gloomy nook and corner with pleasure, fun and liveliness. Especially, attractive Talavera flower vases give a festive mood to the entire house. And anybody can rely on their durability since they’re fired in extremely high temperatures in the process of manufacture.

Well, here are some more ideas for using Talavera pots in various decorative purposes. 

  • Bird baths

What a nice sight a flock of birds would make in front of your home every morning? Their wondrous chirping would sweep out your restlessness, work weariness or even depression. So, why not have a Mexican Talavera pot as a bird bath in your compound? Now, bird baths made of Talavera pottery are available in the market for affordable prices. Colorful, traditional designs embedded in them add a soothing feel of bliss to everyone who visits your home.

  • Flower vases meant for interior décor

This is a common way people used to decorate their homes even in the ancient times. Yet, home décor with Talavera flower pots take a different turn. Their exquisite beauty and fine finish create an excellent floral decoration inside your home. Be wise to select pots that go with the colors of your inner walls. Then it will be more effective.

So, guys, don’t wait till tomorrow. Try these marvelous home décor ideas with attractive Talavera clay pots.

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